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  • Suzuki GSX-R Performance Projects

Suzuki GSX-R Performance Projects

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Suzuki's GSX-R series revolutionized the sport of motorcycling. While other manufacturers had dabbled with building high-performance motorcycles, the GSX-R series were the first motorcycles to bring state-of-the-art racing technology to the street. Suzuki's Gixxer is an icon, a modern day BSA Gold Star. It is a bike you can ride on the street or race at the track. Matt Mladin won three successive AMA Superbike championships aboard a GSX-R 750.

Proposed rule changes make it likely that the GSX-R 1000 will eventually rule Superbike racing worldwide. Its domination of the AMA's 750 Supersport/Superstock class, the most proletariat class in professional racing, has turned that series into a one-bike race.

The Gixxer is a bike ridden by champions and casual racers alike. The Gixxer's long racing history (in various forms it has turned more laps on U.S. road courses than any other model series) means there are nearly infinite options available for performance modification. And the huge numbers of Gixxers Suzuki sells for street use means there is an almost infinite number of bikes available for modification.

This book will be provide the best single resource for improving the performance of these modern-day classics, whether for road use or for racing.

(PUB 04/2004, Autor: Ian Fallon, Idioma: Inglês, 128 págs, 21X27 cms, capa mole, 140 fotos)