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  • André Lefebvre, and the cars he created at Voisin

André Lefebvre, and the cars he created at Voisin

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This biography of André Lefebvre gives a revealing insight into the work of a practically unknown aeronautic engineer who, after building and racing competition cars for Gabriel Voisin in 1933, created for André Citroën the revolutionary front wheel drive Traction Avant (light fifteen in the UK). He was responsible for the minimalist 2CV and the Citroën DS, which was the sensation of the automotive world in 1955, and is still an icon of original automobile engineering and avant-garde design today

(PUB 10/2009, Autor:Gijsbert-Paul Berk , Idioma: Inglês, 144 págs , capa mole, 23X17 cms, 160 fotos

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