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  • Racing with Heroes
  • Racing with Heroes

Racing with Heroes

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Racing with Heroes : The Stories, Settings and Characters from Some of the Most Thrilling and Iconic Motor Races Between 1935 and 2011 Reg May has put pen to paper to create a record of iconic and historic races, including such classics as the 1955 Mille Miglia, and the 1957 German Grand Prix - races that the author has heard and read about since his childhood, and that have left a lasting impression. With personal opinions, careful observations, and measured reflections on motor racing in general, Reg has added his own personal experiences of motor racing, and penned a volume that excites as well as informs the reader. Reg injects his infectious enthusiasm for the sport, whilst painting a vivid picture of each event and its backdrop, Racing with Heroes captures the atmosphere of these great races, immersing the reader in the action as history is made. (PUB 04/2004, Autor:Reg May, idioma: Inglês, 128 págs, 15X20 cms, capa dura, 50 fotos)