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  • Mercedes Benz Cars of the 1990s

Mercedes Benz Cars of the 1990s

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As the 1990s began, competition from rivals was threatening the Mercedes-Benz marque's position at the top of the automotive tree. Through a combination of audacious diversification and sometimes less-than-successful cost-cutting, Mercedes began a turnaround that would not achieve final sucess until the middle of the following decade.

This book charts these turbulent years when the marque struggled to come to terms with a changing world. Contents include: The full range of Mercedes-Benz cars during the 1990s Models carried over from the 1980s Production changes Full specifications Over 200 archive and contemporary photographs, mostly in full colour.

( Autor: James Taylor, idioma: Inglês, 192 págs, capa dura, 24X18 cms, 200 fotos ).