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  • Daimler Dart SP250 & V8 250 Saloon

Daimler Dart SP250 & V8 250 Saloon

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Seeking a product which would sell, the Daimler management hit upon the idea of a sports car which would emulate the success of MG, Triumph, Austin-Healey and Jaguar in the USA. To keep costs down, it would have a fiber-glass body shell and a V8 engine. Though the SP250 sold well, it was never a huge success. The company was bought out by Jaguar in 1960 and the SP250 remained in production until 1964. The Daimler V8 engine was launched in the Jaguar Mk. II. This book contains 60 international articles including road and comparison tests, comparisons and a buying guide.

(PUB 07/2011, Autor: R. M. Clarke , Iidoma: Inglês, 200 pags, 21X28 cms, capa mole, 240 fotos)

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