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  • Packard Automobiles 1920-58

Packard Automobiles 1920-58

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The Packard brothers James & William started the company in 1899 and in 1903, when the company moved to Detroit, it gradually became recognized as a producer of top quality automobiles.

During the 1950s the company struggled as it faced competition from Ford, General Motors and Chrysler and in an attempt to reverse its fortunes in 1954, the company merged with Studebaker which proved to be a fatal mistake. Production of cars bearing the Packard name came to an end in July 1958. A total of 123 articles compiled from the world's leading motoring magazines.

(PUB 11.2011, Autor: R. M. Clarke , Idioma: Inglês, 296 págs, 21X28 cms, capa mole, 350 fotos)

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