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  • Supercharged Mercedes in Detail: 1923-42

Supercharged Mercedes in Detail: 1923-42

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Among the rarest and most exciting classic cars are the supercharged Mercedes cars of the 1920s and 1930s, exemplified by the fire-breathing S, SS, SSK and SSKL models with their supercharged 7-litre engines, and the exceedingly glamorous, though softer and less stark, 500K and 540K cars which succeeded them in the mid-1930s.

There were other models too, going back to 1923 and on to the construction of the last mighty 770K in 1942. All of them, and the long, pioneering history of supercharging by Mercedes, are described in this book, including the cars designed by Ferdinand Porsche between 1924 and 1928 and the road-racing exploits of star drivers like Rudolf Carracciola.

(PUB 01/2014, Autor; James Taylor, Idioma: Inglês, 176 págs, 22X27 cms, capa dura, 250 fotos)