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  • McLaren From The Inside
  • McLaren From The Inside

McLaren From The Inside

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As an original member of the McLaren team, Tyler was able to document the effort that went into developing cars as well as their performance at the track. Many of his most striking images reveal the exhaustive testing and preparation that became a McLaren hallmark. Bruce McLaren is seen rebuilding engines, driving cars with no bodywork, and smiling sheepishly after an off-track excursion. Alexander also goes inside the old McLaren factory to show engineers and mechanics at work on the amazing range of cars built for the team and its many customers. And at the track, his focus widens to include the drivers and teams that McLaren competed against in Formula One, the Can-Am series, and Indy Car racing. After leaving McLaren in the early 1980s, in 1990 Tyler Alexander rejoined the new and very successful version of the team led by Ron Dennis. Although his cameras remained at home for the next few years, by the turn of the 21st century he was again documenting McLaren from the inside. His newer photographs show how time, technology, and money have changed motor racing, but also the teamwork, commitment, and camaraderie that continue to inspire him. While there have been other books on Bruce McLaren and the McLaren team, none offer such vivid images taken from behind the scenes. Most of the photographs in McLaren From The Inside have never been published before, and the book’s large format and strong design bring out the best in each of them. ( autor:Tyler Alexander, idioma: Inglês, 144 págs, capa dura, 21X27 cms, 115 fotos a p/b e 10 a cores ).