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  • Motorsport Classic 2019 Calendar
  • Motorsport Classic 2019 Calendar

Motorsport Classic 2019 Calendar

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The motorsport of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s was a time full of adventure. The world’s best sports car drivers proved their sprinting skills for the Le Mans starts while in Formula 1, cunning engineers tried to give their twelve-cylinder Grand Prix cars more downforce with giant wings held by struts that were as thin as a matchstick. And in rallying, the drivers drove non-stop from Liège to Sofia only to return home after a one-hour break. The calendar “Motorsport Classic 2019” captures the atmosphere of these wild and unrestrained years and brings it to your home or office thanks to twenty-five compelling black and white images. At the same time, this calendar has kept true to its principles by offering you the choice of two spectacular images per month. Thus it is able to show the full variety of motor sport of that era from Formula 1 to sports and touring car racing and rallying. All of these pictures come with a short description of these unique moments from bygone days. Extras: Spiral binding, shrink-wrapped and sent to you in a special cardboard box (PUB 10/2018, Autor: Reinhard Klein, Idioma: Inglês & Alemão, 26 págs, 67X48 cms, 25 fotos)