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  • Volkswagen, Bus, Van to Camper Conversion

Volkswagen, Bus, Van to Camper Conversion

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Convert your own VW panel van to a Camper, and you've got the best of all worlds, as Lindsay porter's manual shows.

There are still plenty of rear-engine VW vans (1980-on) and front-engine vans (1991-on) to choose from. They're cheap to buy, great to own and you'll save a fortune compared with the cost of buying a ready-converted Camper.

Follow the detailed, highly illustrated instructions in this manual and you can't go wrong! Over 800 illustrations show you how to chose the right panel van for your needs, how to fit the roof, the windows and furniture, plus step-by-step guides to fitting cookers, water supply, wash-stands, heaters and more.

(PUB 11/2013, Autor:Lindsay Porter , Idioma: Inglês, 224 págs, 20X25 cms, capa mole, 800 fotos)

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