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  • Lancia Beta Montecarlo

Lancia Beta Montecarlo

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The Lancia Beta was inaugurated in 1972 with the launch of the saloon. The range was expanded three years later by the addition of the “Beta Montecarlo”, a model that soon became part of the Italian motoring history. Introduced at the 1975 Turin Motor Show, the new coupé immediately attracted public interest and admiration for its authentic sporting character, confirmed by its assertive and fascinating body, designed by Pininfarina, and in its two-litre, 118 hp engine. It was no coincidence that the newborn enjoyed a busy racing career: the Group 5 turbo version even enabled Lancia to beat Porsche and win the World Championship for Makes in both 1980 and 1981. This book is entirely devoted to the history of the Beta Montecarlo, covering the technical and stylistic evolution of the various series and, naturally, the coupé’s successful motor racing life - a book that just had to become one of the series focusing on cars that have made history.

(PUB 03/2005, Autor:Bruno Vettore, Idioma: Italiano, 144págs, capa mole, 24X27cms, 330 fotos)