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  • British Lorries 1945-65

British Lorries 1945-65

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This book traces the path of the British lorry through 20 years via the manufacturers' own sales and publicity material, from the revolutionary - but now forgotten - Jensen to classics like the Bedford TK. During the period covered there were approximately 40 manufacturers of commercial vehicles in the United Kingdom. Several were small or specialised firms with limited production whilst others became absorbed into more successful companies.

Albion, for example, was taken over by Leyland during 1951. By 1965 only a few of the even the larger firms remained, and individuality was fast becoming just a memory. More than 400 illustrations from brochures and catalogues, combining often inspired artwork with photographs, give a fascinating social insight as well as providing the true commercial vehicle enthusiast with hard to find technical details and specifications.

(Autor: Idioma, Inglês, 192 págs, capa dura, 24X21 cms, 400 fotos)

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