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  • Sports Car Racing in Camera 1960-69 Vol 2

Sports Car Racing in Camera 1960-69 Vol 2

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Volume dois, sobre a excelente história sobre os carros desportivos nos anos 60. Muito ilustrado com 280 fotos a cores. This beautifully illustrated second volume reveals the reality and hazards of period racing but also its magnificence. Here are the machines, their intrepid drivers and the many and varied circuits, some of them still public roads, all brought to life through meticulously researched photographs and the author's renowned commentary. Sports Car Racing in Camera, 1960-69, Volume Two will appeal to all motorracing enthusiasts and especially to collectors of this impressive series.

( PUB 11/2016, Autor: Paul Parker, Idioma: Inglês, 240 págs, capa dura, 28X23 cms, 305 fotos)