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  • Mercedes Benz Sport Light Coupe - Complete Story

Mercedes Benz Sport Light Coupe - Complete Story

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In the very beginning, the automotive industry was dominated by open-top vehicles whose body shapes were very much based on the horse-drawn carriage, there were open and closed carriages and then there was the Coupe. This first volume of the Mercedes-Benz Coupe book addresses the journey from what was a functional sports car design to what has become the incomparable Mercedes-Benz 'Sports Coupe'; its timeless body design has remained, even today both a dream car and a dream Coupe to anyone whom aspires to follow in the early individualists who chose style and elegance over practicality.

With over 300 photographs and illustrations, this book includes:
An overview of the early days of 'Sports-Car' design
The influences of aerodynamics on design evolution
Early protagonists at Daimler-Benz and how they influenced design of the Coupe shape
How the Racing Coupe influenced what became the production Sport Coupe
The experimental and one-off prototypes
The continuation of the Super Sport Light concept through the 'S-Class' range

(PUB 02/2021, Autor: Nik Greene, Idioma: Inglês, 208 págs, 26X21 cms, capa dura, 299 fotos)