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  • Land Rovers in British Military Service 1970-2007

Land Rovers in British Military Service 1970-2007

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Land Rovers in British Military Service - coil sprung models 1970 to 2007 For anyone interested in the coil-sprung Land Rovers that have served (and still serve) with the British armed forces, this book is a must. It covers first-generation Range Rover and Discovery models, as well as the One Ten, Ninety and One Two Seven, their Defender successors and, of course the Wolf XD derivatives.

Coverage deliberately ends at 2007 to respect current military sensibilities.

This unique and extensively illustrated book describes and illustrates British military use and adaptations of these vehicles, and also contains comprehensive vehicle lists and contract details. The book is a sequel to British Military Land Rovers, the leaf-sprung models, by the same two authors (published by Herridge & Sons in 2015). Additional Information Models Covered: All coil-sprung Land Rover models in British military service.

(PUB 11/2018, Autor: James Taylor & Geoff Fletcher, Idioma: Inglês, 144 págs, 24X24 cms, capa dura, 275 fotos)

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