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  • BMW Story since 1923 - 2nd Edt.
  • BMW Story since 1923 - 2nd Edt.
  • BMW Story since 1923 - 2nd Edt.
  • BMW Story since 1923 - 2nd Edt.
  • BMW Story since 1923 - 2nd Edt.
  • BMW Story since 1923 - 2nd Edt.

BMW Story since 1923 - 2nd Edt.

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História da marca e seus modelos desde 1923 até 2019. Inclui suplemento com as características técnicas de todas as BMW's.

From Max Friz's R32 of 1923, until the K1600 Grand America 95 years later, every BMW motorcycle has been unique, and many have incorporated unconventional technical solutions. But the road hasn't always been smooth and BMW has survived many ups and downs.

This new edition of Ian Falloon’s classic book on the history of BMW Motorcycles brings the story right up to date, and now includes all models from 1923 right through to 2019.

Over the past 80 years, BMW motorcycles have provided a unique alternative to those of other manufacturers. Some motorcycles may have been faster, certainly others were cheaper, but with their emphasis on quality and reliability, none have emulated the practicality of a BMW. With its commitment to ease of serviceability, the BMW motorcycle has become the preferred choice for hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists around the world. BMW motorcycles are made to be ridden, and if the journey includes a mixture of straight roads and bends, there is no better motorcycle. Factor in the best range of factory luggage and accessories available, and the success of BMW motorcycles isn’t surprising. Ownership of a BMW is also generally a long-term affair, a refreshing change from the current trend towards almost instant obsolescence.

Falloon is a prolific author and one of the world’s foremost motorcycle historians with years of experience. His other BMW books include BMW Boxer Twin Bible, BMW R90S, and the Complete Book of BMW Motorcycles.

BMW motorcycles from 1923 to the 2019 model year
How BMW rose from the ashes of World War II to survive and prosper
Covers BMW’s strong history of competition and world speed record attempts
A look at the innovative technical solutions that have been pioneered by BMW
The creation of BMW’s first Superbike during the 1970s: the R90S
The 1980 R80 G/S established a niche dual purpose market
BMW’s most recent exploits, including extreme high performance with the S1000RR
Today BMW now produces its widest range ever

(PUB 06/2019, Autor: Ian Falloon, Idioma: Inglês, 304 págs, capa dura, 27X21 cms, 300 fotos )

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