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  • Mazda Rotary-Engined Cars from Cosmo 110s to Rx-8

Mazda Rotary-Engined Cars from Cosmo 110s to Rx-8

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A description of the development history of Mazda's rotary power plant, and the model timelines of the vehicles these engines powered - how one small Japanese automaker remained independent and became famous using a unique engine.

Examines the commercial ups and downs in North America, using rotaries to become a high performance icon and V8 alternative, and charting the racetrack achievements of Mazda rotary racers around the world including in home-country Japan.

Also reveals the pollution control and fuel economy challenges facing Mazda as they strove to keep rotary engines in production to satisfy high performance fans globally.

(PUB 12/2021 , Autor: Marc Cranswick, Idioma: Inglês, 192 págs, capa mole, 20X25 cms, 233 fotos) 


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