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  • How to Build a Successful Low-Cost Rally Car

How to Build a Successful Low-Cost Rally Car

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This book sets out in graphic detail a hundred tips that cost very little but which will transform your car. For example, how a wire coat-hanger transforms an exhaust system so that it can survive the Sahara Desert, how a tube of bathroom silicone sealer waterproofs an engine, and how a garden chain ensures you don't break the engine-mountings.

Simple, cost-effective, basic and reliable tips to ensure any rally car stands a chance of reaching the finishing line.

From the lanes of Devon at night, to romping the wilderness of Mongolia, this book is full of illustrated detailed tips, as well as pictures of typical low cost cars setting out on international events.

If you are planning any road-based rally, don't even think of leaving home before you've reading this book and implementing the tried and tested mods it describes so well.

(Autor: Philip Young , Idioma: Inglês, 96 págs, 25X20 cms, capa mole, 150 fotos)

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