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  • Austin Healeys - Essential Buyer's Guide 1953-67

Austin Healeys - Essential Buyer's Guide 1953-67

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Interest in Big Healey models has continued to grow since production was halted over 40 years ago, and support for the marque remains strong.

This book is an indispensible resource for anyone contemplating the purchase of an example of these iconic cars. A candid assessment of each model guides you to selecting the right model for your intended use, and arms you with the essential knowledge to select the right example of this increasingly popular marque.

Featuring both short and thorough evaluation guides, advice on paperwork, auctions, restorations, and much more, this is an invaluable book for both first-time buyers and seasoned collectors.

Additional Information Period covered: 1953 - 1967 Models covered: 100, series BN1 and BN2 100-Six, series BN4 and BN6 3000 Mark I, series BN7 and BT7 3000 Mark II, series BN7, BT7 and BJ7 3000 Mark III, series BJ8

(PUB 07/2012, Autor: Reid Trummel Idioma: Inglês, 64 pags, capa mole, 19X13 cms,92 fotos)

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