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  • Powered by Porsche: the alternative race cars
  • Powered by Porsche: the alternative race cars

Powered by Porsche: the alternative race cars

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This work is a detailed account of the racing cars that were powered by Porsche engines, but where the chassis and development of the car has been done by others. The first book on the subject, it is illustrated with many previously unpublished photos, and answers many questions for the enthusiast and newcomer alike. Period covered: 1950-2010 Models covered: Alpinche Andial 935 Argo - Porsche Behra- Porsche Bobsy - Porsche Brickyard Indy- Porsche Brun-Porsche Chanabé -Porsche Condor -Porsche Cooper - Porsche Cougar -Porsche Courage -Porsche Coyote-Porsche Crawford-Porsche Dahmen-Porsche Dauer-Porsche Deutsch-Porsche Devin-Porsche DKW-Porsche Dolphin-Porsche Doran-Porsche Dulon-Porsche Dyson-Porsche EBS -Porsche Elva-Porsche Fabcar-Porsche Fageol - Porsche Footwork -Porsche Gebhardt-Porsche GLD-Porsche Glockler-Porsche Gordini- Porsche GRID- Porsche GSL- Porsche Gunnar- porsche Hirondelle-Porsche Holbert-Porsche Jost- Porsche John Paul -Porsche Keck-Porsche Kelly - Porsche KMW-Porsche Kremer -Porsche Lola-Porsche Lotus-Porsche March-Porsche McLaren -Porsche Mercedes-Porsche Mong -Porsche PAM-Porsche Platypus-Porsche Porschewagon-Porsche Pupulidy-Porsche RLR-Porsche Riley-Porsche Royale-Porsche Sauter -Porsche Schuppan-Porsche Sehcar-Porsche Strandell-Porsche Tiga-Porsche TWR Joest-Porsche URD-Porsche Models not covered: Porsche road cars (PUB 10/2017, Autor: Roy Smith, Idioma: Inglês, 464 págs, 26X26 cms, capa dura, 750 fotos)