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  • Rudge - Witworth: the complete story

Rudge - Witworth: the complete story

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A history of the Rudge-Whitworth cycle and motorcycle company, from the late 1800s to the 1940s, including full production histories of the motorcycle models.

Topics covered include: The origins of Rudge-Whitworth, from Daniel Rudge's early bicycles, to the Pugh family merger An expansion into motorcycle production in 1909, with the 'M' prototypes and 'F'-head engines The invention of the Rudge Multi gear engine in 1912, and a subsequent Isle of man win in 1914 The innovative 'Rudge Four' engines, with four parallel valves per cylinder The 'Python' models - Rudge equipment used by other manufacturers, including in Enzo Ferrari's Scuderia Ferrari The post-war slump and a move to EMI, with later attempts to revive the Rudge name

(PUB 05/2014, Autor:Brian Reynolds , Idioma: Inglês, 160 págs, 26X21 cms, capa dura, 50 fotos a p/b e 180 fotos a cores)

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