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  • Rover Group: company and cars 1986-2000

Rover Group: company and cars 1986-2000

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The Rover Group - Company and Cars is a comprehensive history of the company and a guide to its products. Centring on the period of the official existence of the Rover Group, the book also examines the events leading up to its formation in 1986 and its controversial aftermath, following its dismemberment in 2000. With over 250 historical and original illustrations, the book covers: The beginnings of Rover and its place in British Leyland Land Rover's expansion in the 1980s and how it led to the foundation of the Rover Group Rover under British Aerospace and the sell-off to BMW Rover's struggle under German management and BMW's disposal of the Group The aftermath of Rover's collapse - MG Rover, Land Rover and MINI.

The Rover Group cars - covering the Leyland legacy cars, Honda derivatives, the Rover 75, the vehicles behind Land Rover's success and other key models.

(PUB 07/2015, Autor: Mike Gould, Idioma: Inglês, 208 págs, 26X21 cms, 270 fotos)

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