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  • Ignition and timing: a guide

Ignition and timing: a guide

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An essential guide to ignition and timing, for classic car owners and restorers. Aimed at both keen amateurs and professionals alike, Ignition and Timing covers the history and evolution of the automotive ignition system, and how to fit, modify and maintain your system for optimum timing and maximum performance.

Topics covered include: Post-war distributors and aftermarket systems Understanding and fault-testing the coil ignition system How to fit electronic ignitions and modify the distributor, including twin-point distributors Rebuilding and maintenance Lucas, Delco and Bosch systems Identification charts for your distributor How to achieve optimum timing and how to use a timing light

(PUB 06/2015, Autor: Colin Beever, Idioma: Inglês, 96 págs, 24X18 cms, capa mole, 90 fotos)

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