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  • Jaguar XK: DIY Restoration & Maintenance

Jaguar XK: DIY Restoration & Maintenance

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Guia completo, tipo "faça você mesmo", para restauro de um Jaguar XK.

Detalha os pormenores e imprevistos com que um entusiasta inexperiente se pode deparar, simplifica e foca as partes que os manuais às vezes não abordam.

An absolute sensation when first seen in 1948, in the midst of post-war austerity, the Jaguar XK 120 was both a stunningly beautiful car sold to all the top film stars, and a ruthlessly successful rally machine - and it remains just as effective on both counts today. A perfect XK 120, 140 or 150 could easily cost six figures in pounds, dollars or euros today - so how practical is it to buy a neglected example and restore it at home?

This is the story of how one man completely restored his XK 120 roadster, transforming it from dereliction into a thoroughly beautiful example of this iconic sports car. He also took the time to investigate and incorporate numerous detail improvements, making the car even more usable and practical for today’s roads, some 65 years after it was built.

This book is invaluable if you want to know what makes an XK ‘tick’, and if it’s the classic car for you - and vital if you own or are restoring one.

(PUB 05/2016, Autor: Bob Exelby, Porter Press, Idioma: Inglês, 304 págs, capa mole, 28X23 cms, 400 fotos) 

Marca Porter Press