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  • Walter und ich-Röhrl/Geistdörfer-Dreamteam
  • Walter und ich-Röhrl/Geistdörfer-Dreamteam

Walter und ich-Röhrl/Geistdörfer-Dreamteam

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Biografia do Piloto Walter und ich-Röhrl/Geistdörfer-Dreamteam des Rallyesports Two times world rally champion Walter Röhrl is one of the biggest legends of this sport and on the hot seat when he had his biggest successes was always Christan Geistdörfer. In this book Geistdörfer recalls the time out of his perspective. He explains how he improved the system of pace notes, how different the work for teams like Opel, Audi, Lancia or Fiat was, talks about the technical revolutions of the 1980s in rallying, about the greatness of those days but of course also about the dangers and mistakes that have been done. (PUB 12/2016, Autor: Christian Geistdörfer, Idioma: ALEMÃO, 224 págs, capa dura, 24X30 cms, 90 fotos a cores, 30 fotos a p/b)

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