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  • Alan Mann Racing F3L/P68

Alan Mann Racing F3L/P68

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The story of Ford's three litre sports cars from the Sixties The Ford P68 sports car is famous not because it enjoyed great success - indeed rather the opposite - but because it was a beautiful car and because it was powered by Ford's legendary Cosworth DFV engine.

This 158 page book tells the full story of the Ford P68 starting with the historic background, detailing the design and development of the P68, its short but adventurous racing career and its after-live. One of the surviving P68s, for example, is now in the N-Anadol Collection in Switzerland and takes part in historic racing all over Europe.

(PUB 07/2017, Autor: Ed Heuvink, idioma: Inglês, 158 págs, capa dura, 29X29 cms, 96 fotos a cores e 123 fotos a p/b)

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