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  • Rally: Timeless adventures

Rally: Timeless adventures

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Discover rallies through the men, the cars, the races, and the events that have made history. Miki Biasion, one of the most popular drivers in the history of Italian motor racing and two-time World Rally champion and winner of the legendary Safari Rally in Kenya, with
competence and passion guides the reader on a fascinating journey through the specialities of the great road races, from the past and present leading drivers to less known aspects and facets. Designed and created frame by frame like it was a documentary, the book “Rally avventure senza tempo” is like a special and original portrait, a unique anthology of the most authentic motor races, where a man does not only measure himself against competitors and the stopwatch, but also bravely defies the elements that are sometimes hostile.

Thanks to the iconography (including over 400 high-quality artistic and historical images, which were chosen from among three thousand shots) the reader can live the timeless charm of rallies in a constant and suggestive succession of past and present. Topic after topic, Miki Biasion describes the evolution of rally with plenty of human and sport details, and highlights the drivers and the cars that left an indelible mark in the hearts of rally fans. “Rally avventure senza tempo” thus becomes a way for this great Italian champion to pay tribute to a unique speciality in the international motor-racing panorama, which he never stopped loving

(PUB 02/2018, Autor: Miki Biasion, Idioma: Italiano/Inglês, 256 págs, 23X28 cms, capa dura, 380 fotos)