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  • Moto Guzzi Guzzino

Moto Guzzi Guzzino

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The Motoleggera ’65, alias the Guzzino, first appeared in early 1946 and was the brainchild of Antonio Meucci. Attractive, agile, engaging, the Guzzino immediately inspired the trust of potential buyers, so much so that it became the first motorcycle in Italy to achieve widespread sales. Robust, generous and reliable, the bike was soon adapted to the transportation of a passenger and was also modified to create a sports version capable of exceptional achievements.

The story of the little gem from Mandello del Lario is the subject of this book, which analyses the machine’s history and technical evolution through the various models illustrated by a wealth of pictures in black and white and a portfolio in colour.

The work is completed by a section dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of one of the major protagonists of Italian motorisation.

(PUB , Autor: Massimo Chierici, Idioma: Italiano, 96 págs, 24X27 cms, capa mole, 109 fotos a p/b e 32 a cores)