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  • Lambretta Restoration Guide

Lambretta Restoration Guide

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Livro com muitas imagens indicado para a manutenção, com detalhes de identificação, e uma seção dedicada ao motor e a transmissão.

An invaluable book with which to identify and maintain a Lambretta in perfect working order, this guide contains all the information gathered by the author in over 20 years of work in the world of maintenance and spare parts.

A technical specification is given for each model and contains identification details, a lay-out with data for painting the different body components, one for the finish of the metallic parts and a section devoted to data for the maintenance of the engine and transmission. Illustrated with numerous pictures and technical drawings, the book is an indispensable instrument for all Lambretta enthusiasts.

The guide has been expanded with a section reporting all the colours available for the Lambretta and with the homologations of the scooter.

(Pub 01/2015, Autor: Vittorio Tessera, Idioma: Inglês, 80 págs, capa mole, 25X25 cms,790 fotos)