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  • Alfa Romeo Duetto & Spider

Alfa Romeo Duetto & Spider

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História do modelo, versões e motores. Concepção, fabrico ( inc. números de série ), restauro, etc.

Few cars in the history of the automobile have enjoyed such a long life as the Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider - known to most as the Duetto - that made its first appearance at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show.

Created by the magical Pininfarina, who had already designed the Giulietta Spider, Alfa’s new discovery immediately transformed itself into an icon due to the fascination of its flowing lines and the reliability of its much tested mechanics. About a decade later, in the mid-Seventies, the Spider was given a stubby tail, which would accompany the Alfa Romeo two-seaters to the early Nineties.

Fifty years after that 1966 Geneva Motor Show that saw the baptism of the Duetto series, it seemed inevitable that a new book would be devoted to this historic car, so beautiful and attractive.

(PUB: 05/2016, Autor: Giancarlo Catarsi, Idioma: Italiano, 96 págs, capa mole, 24X27 cms, 54 fotos o/b e 171 fotos a cores )