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  • Alfa Romeo Alfetta Berlina & GT
  • Alfa Romeo Alfetta Berlina & GT

Alfa Romeo Alfetta Berlina & GT

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The late 1960s. Alfa Romeo came to the end of a great decade of constant technical and sales success with the desire and need to change. The Giulia project, which had already matured with the appearance of the 1750, continued to grow, but with just a few aesthetic improvements until a little before the arrival of the 2-litre. At the same time, the company opened up a new technical route it would take as well as a fresh styling orientation towards creating cars of sharper and more taut lines specifically for the Alfetta, which was to rise to the task of becoming the protagonist in the intermediate and superior cubic capacity segments. But the new saloon had to live with its sister car for six years, born with a changed front rather than the Alfetta’s rear gearbox layout. Despite that difference, the new car became an iconic model in the history of Alfa. This book covers the technical, industrial and stylistic history of a car that was even able to take the motorised lead in films, many of them Italian police sagas of the ‘70s. The second part of the book deals specifically with the historic, technical, stylistic and sporting history of the Giorgetto Giugiaro-designed GT, a model which, even today, is a must in all its forms for all Alfa lovers. (PUB 2018, Autor: Giancarlo Catarsi, Idioma: Italiano, 120 págs, 24X27 cms, capa dura, fotos)