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The American general Dwight Eisenhower, who was to become President of the United States, said on more than one occasion that the Jeep was the weapon that permitted the Allies victory over the Axis forces in the Second World War, on all fronts and in all situations. The Jeep was born to satisfy the American army’s precise request for mobility; it was an innovative vehicle for its time, one that introduced a new concept of military mobility and was testimony to defeats and victories at all altitudes and in every climactic condition. At the end of the Second World War, the Jeep was adapted to agricultural and industrial work, being given the CJ (Civilian Jeep) designation that it was to maintain over a number of successful decades and series. Shortly after the end of the war, the MB provided the cue for the creation in parallel of a range of multi-purpose vehicles, including a station wagon, a pick up and a commercial van, that guaranteed the survival of the Willys Overland company. The Jeep did suffer moments of industrial crisis, financial vicissitudes and changes in ownership that began in the Eighties when AMC was sold to Renault, then Daimler Chrysler and then an investment fund, before Chrysler finally joined the Fiat group. This book covers this long and complicated story, through to the 1980s, drawing on meticulous historical research, a rich photographic survey and technical files detailing the principal models. (PUB 09/2018, Autor: Valentino Ghi, Idioma: Italiano, 144 págs, capa mole, 24X27 cms, 200 fotos)