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  • Michael Schumacher: A life in pictures

Michael Schumacher: A life in pictures

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Biografia do Piloto. Michael Schumacher. A life in pictures is so much more than a photographic and written portrait of the life of one of the greatest motor racing champions. It is, in reality, an in-depth investigation of the secrets of a career in which the confine between professional and private life has always been very subtle. The on-track episodes and those from outside the motorsport circus trace the figure of a man full of contrasting certainties in which at times the bold, brash side dominates and at others the gentler and more hidden aspects. A complicated champion but one with many very human qualities is revisited and analysed by friends, teammates, rivals, enemies and mere acquaintances through the magnifying glass of time. Anecdotes, curiosities and never previously recounted stories will capture readers’ attention, providing them with a close-up view of the true face of a figure who has earned a place in the history of sport and society. (PUB 01/2019, Pino Allievii, idioma: Italiano & Inglês, 240 págs, 28X30 cms, capa dura, fotos)