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  • Senna Inedito
  • Senna Inedito

Senna Inedito

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25 years have passed since that tragic 1st of May 1994 when Ayrton Senna, one of the greatest ever Formula 1 icons, left us for ever at Imola’s Tamburello corner when leading the field once again in his Williams-Renault. Since then, the books dedicated to the Brazilian “campionissimo” have multiplied exponentially and yet this new volume paints a truly untold picture of Ayrton Senna thanks to the almost 250 photographs, most of them drawn from the Franco Villani archive and never previously published, along with invaluable testimony from a number of leading sports journalists who truly knew him, on track and off. A deserved tribute to a great champion and above all to an unforgettable man. (PUB 2019, Autor: Mario Donnini, idioma: Italiano, 200 págs, 28X30 cms, capa dura, fotos a cores)