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  • Ayrton Senna Il predestinato

Ayrton Senna Il predestinato

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A narração apaixonante e cativante de um talentoso contador de histórias que neste novo romance assume um gigante da história do automobilismo, para muitos o maior de todos os tempos: Ayrton.

Imola, 1 May 1994. Ayrton is sitting on the grid, strapped into the narrow wedge of his single-seater. He is interrogating fate, seeking rhythm and concentration, staring at the horizon. The asphalt awaits, along with thousands of enthusiasts and fans who have gathered from all four corners of the globe to see him at work, to be enchanted once more by his lines. They are all there waiting for the tricampeão, the Chosen One, the one who always gets it right.

The season has started poorly, the Imola weekend even more so with Rubens Barrichello’s crash on the Friday and the death of Roland Ratzemberger on the Saturday. Doubts, fears, but also hopes crowd the mind of Ayrton Senna who, moments from the start, metaphorically rewinds the tape of his career, his very existence that within a matter of minutes was to reach its end.

(PUB 02/2022, Autor: Diego Alverà, idioma: Italiano, 312 págs, capa mole, 14X22 cms, 30 fotos p/b)