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  • Endurance WEC From Group C to Hybrid prototypes

Endurance WEC From Group C to Hybrid prototypes

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A unique work revealing to readers for the first time the aerodynamic evolution of the sports prototypes of the latest “Golden Age of Endurance Racing”, those with hybrid powerplants. A painstaking exploration of the world of the enthralling sports prototypes, the cars developed from the Group C period - in the first half of the Eighties - through to the protagonists of the current WEC and ELMS championships.

Hundreds of colour drawings document the technical evolution of the covered wheel racing cars of the past 40 years. Cars of extraordinary appeal such as the Porsche 956s, the XJ series Jaguars, the Series C Mercedes, the Peugeot 905, through to the more recent Audis, great dominators of Le Mans in the 2000s, the Toyotas and the Porsches.

All this in a technical overview introduced by historical-regulatory contextualisation, indispensible for an understanding of a world that, in recent years, has featured even greater technical evolution and sporting excitement than Formula 1.

(PUB 2021, Autor: Riccardo Romanelli/Antonio Pannullo/Marco Zanello, Idioma: Italiano e Inglês, 192 págs, 24.3x27 cm, capa mole, fotos 65 a cores e 360 desenhos)