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  • Formula 1: Storie di piccoli e grandi eroi (Vol 3)

Formula 1: Storie di piccoli e grandi eroi (Vol 3)

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Should you think that F1 history and anecdotes are the exclusive preserve of drivers and constructors, pershpas you should think again.

Many other surprising and frequently unexpected characters have in fact ben left a precious legacy, as this book shows.
Following the one hundred or so interviews featured in the two successful volumes of “Storie di piccoli e grandi eroi della F.1”, Mario Donnini continues his enthralling exploration and sheds light on those figures from the circus who have given so much without ever driving or lending their name to a Grand Prix car, but instead designing, tending to and even dreaming of them, enjoying special relationships with champions, races and events associated with the World Championship.

Welcome to the third installment of the series Minor and Major Heroes of F1, the one focusing on highly personal, surprising interviews given by designers, managers, team coordinators, engineers, draftsmen, stewards, mechanics, even priests, along with drivers with only a nodding acquaintance with F1, consoling themselves later with careers as bullfighters in the Mexican arenas, Hollywood stuntmen or gold diggers in forgotten forests.

The protagonists of this book, in order of appearance, are:
Mauro Forghieri, Brenda Vernor, Nadia Alboreto, Niki Lauda, Mariana Reutemann, Dodo Regazzoni, Nicolas Todt, Enrico Zanarini, Giorgio Piola, Don Sergio Mantovani, Alberto Antonini, Viviane Senna, Jo Ramirez, Domenico Salcito, Rudolf Ratzenberger, Marcello Sabbatini, Gianni Cancellieri, Italo Cucci, Carlo Cavicchi, Giorgio Serra, Angelo Orsi, Ercole Colombo, Giorgio Faletti, Luigi Montanini, Andrea De Adamich.

(PUB 05/2022, Autor: Mario Donnini, Idioma: Italiano, 320 págs, 14X22 cms, capa dura, fotos)