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  • Alfa Romeo 33 Berlina e Giardinetta

Alfa Romeo 33 Berlina e Giardinetta

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Caracterização do modelo. História, caracteristicas, produção, etc.

40 years on from its debut, the Alfa Romeo has taken up its rightful place in the series The Cars that Have Made History. The heir to the Alfasud, from which it inherited the updated floorpan and mechanical organs, in its saloon and Giardinetta estate versions, the 33 was one of the most iconic Alfas of the 1980s. Sober, square-cut lines characterised the styling with notably well-balanced and elegant results. The first series (1983-1986) was followed by an initial restyling that took the model to the dawn of the 1990s; the second series then remained on sale through to the middle of the decade.

Written by Lorenzo Ardizio, an authoritative expert on the Biscione’s cars, this book reviews the full technical, stylistic and industrial history of this successful model, without neglecting the special versions such as those prepared for the law-enforcement agencies.

(PUB 02.2023, Autor: Lorenzo Ardizio, idioma: Italiano,120 págs, 24X27 cms, capa mole, fotos p/b e cores)