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  • Alvis Speed Models In Detail

Alvis Speed Models In Detail

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The book opens with an introduction highlighting the pleasures of Speed model motoring, followed by an exposition of the background that led to the introduction of the Speed Twenty in 1932.

Then comes a highly detailed technical analysis of the Speed Twenty itself, covering every aspect of the chassis, running gear, engine and transmission. This sets the scene for the chapters which follow, on the SA/SB/SC/SD Speed Twenty models, the 3 1/2-litre, the Speed Twenty Five and the ultimate expression of the marque, the 4.3.

Each of these receives comprehensive treatment, including information on differences from previous models, revisions and production changes, the range of bodies available from coachbuilders, performance and behaviour, and appearances in competitive events.

(PUB 12/2001, Autor: Nick Walker, Idioma: Inglês, 160 págs, capa dura, 27X21cms, 210 fotos)