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  • Lancia Aurelia Storia, corse e allestimenti speciali

Lancia Aurelia Storia, corse e allestimenti speciali

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If there is a car that, back in the distant 1950, codified for the first time the concept of the “Italian GT” it is surely the Lancia Aurelia. An undisputed masterpiece and a car that throughout the 1950s represented a fertile source of inspiration for all the leading Italian coachbuilders, a car that – in sporting terms – was an excellent choice for those tackling the principal road and track races of the era, the Mille Miglia included.

All this was based around a sophisticated mechanical design typical of the Lancia marque.

Drawing on precious illustrative material – most of which previously unpublished – this book reviews the entire technical, stylistic and sporting history of a milestone in Italian and worldwide motoring.

(PUB 11/2021, Autor: Francesco Gandolfi, Idioma: Italiano, 216 págs, capa dura, 24X27 cms, 313 fotos a p/b e 73 a cores)